Extraordinary Grace Predestined For Purpose (Will be released on March 2022)




Far too many Christians are stuck in religion or sensationalism and don’t even know it.

“Extraordinary Grace” gives a Bible-Centric perspective of authentic teachings to a sincere seeker of truth and follower of Christ. No more of your ears being tickled with concepts or fables predicated on emotional excitement without spiritual growth.

What does the bible say about “Once Saved Always Saved”? Learn some biblical principles of some of the most important teachings in the bible to produce an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Uncover new strategies for approaching and overcoming spiritual warfare in your life of faith. Learn biblical principles on:

Regeneration | Justification by Faith| The Covenants | God’s Ultimate Purpose | Overcoming Adversity


Dr. Marshall Taylor II is founder of Grace and Peace Ministries and is a native of Detroit, MI. He has pastored over 18 years. A graduate of Northern Illinois University (1988), B.S. Economics, he earned his Th.D from Midwest Bible College, Milwaukee, WI in 2017. He was known as a four-year starting quarterback at Northern Illinois University 1985-1988. He has over 30 years corporate consulting experience in computer technology services, IT software, medical surgical, and school district administration. His experience as pastor, evangelist, teacher, and conference speaker has led to research and the writing of his third book, “Extraordinary Grace.” For more information visit his website at: www.dmtministries.org


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