Chosen To Lead (New Edition will be released on February 15th): Divine Kingdom Leadership Paperback




“Chosen to be an instrument in God’s hands”
Revised Edition

When it comes to leadership in the kingdom of God, your mindset must be to serve, and assist others in maximizing their potential. So many folks have ambition or desire to lead in God’s kingdom but lack the necessary spiritual growth and maturity that are key to effective leadership. A kingdom leader must experience the transformation process which involves overcoming trials and temptations to produce spiritual growth. These experiences, along with obtaining a clear understanding of God’s word will prepare one to become a mature and effective leader.

God’s merciful redemptive plan for believers through the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus Christ should ignite Divine Kingdom leaders to recognize this amazing gift of salvation and be forever grateful, motivated, and dedicated to serve in advancing God’s kingdom agenda.

Learn some biblical principles of what God calls divine kingdom leadership. Uncover strategies and spiritual guidance for fulfilling your purpose as it pertains to God’s ultimate plan in His kingdom. When we lead God’s way, He gets the glory, and we enter a new dimension of spiritual leadership.

Marshall Taylor II is founder and was pastor of Grace and Peace Ministries over 18 years. A native of Detroit, MI., he was educated at Northern Illinois University, B.S. Economics, and earned his Th.D. from Midwest Bible College, Milwaukee, WI. He was known as a former four-year starting quarterback at Northern Illinois University from1985-1988. He has over 30 years corporate consulting experience in computer technology services, IT software, medical surgical, and school district administration. His experience as pastor, conference speaker, teacher and evangelist of the gospel of Jesus Christ has led him to become author of Chosen To Lead – Revised Edition. He has learned firsthand through challenges, experiences, and research what spiritual leadership is all about. Visit his website at:


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