Chosen To Lead (Released 2018): Divine Kingdom Leadership




“Chosen to be an instrument in God’s hands”

When leading to advance the kingdom of God, it is of great importance not to lead with pride and fear, but with confidence and humility. The model, example and importance of servant leadership is introduced by Jesus, as he stated in Matthew 23:11 The greatest among you shall be your servant.

Communication is key to your influence of leadership effectiveness. When a person is leading others, understanding the mission, and leading by example are key factors in transferring information to reach goals and accomplish the vision. “Leadership is effective communication.”

Learn some biblical principles, uncover strategies and spiritual guidance of what it takes to be considered a kingdom leader. When we lead God’s way, he gets all the glory, and we enter a new dimension of spiritual leadership.

Marshall Taylor II is founder and was pastor of Grace and Peace Ministries over 18 years. A native of Detroit, MI., he was educated at Northern Illinois University, B.S. Economics, and earned his Th.D. from Midwest Bible College, Milwaukee, WI. He was known as a former four year starting quarterback at Northern Illinois University from 1985 1988. His experience as pastor and teacher of the gospel of Christ has led him to become author of his first book, Chosen To Lead – Divine Kingdom Leadership. He has learned firsthand through challenges, experiences, and research what spiritual leadership is all about. Visit his website at:


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